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BRIDGING - The Video Diary (part 1)

I am currently sitting watching the sun crest over the Duomo of Milan. It is fabulous. There is a woman next to me who is texting with two phones AT THE SAME TIME (true story), and there is an extremely vibrant Englishman on my left who is trying to communicate that he wants the BIGGEST Aperol Spritz possible... it's 8.30am. Mat is VERY content with his croissant.

(Duomo di Milano, photo by me)

Currently, as I write, Mathew and I are on our honeymoon. Those of you who follow me on social media (if not, why not!?), will have noted that we are away gallivanting through mainland Europe at the moment. It's delightful. Those of you who really follow me on social media (if not, why not!?), will have ALSO noted that the day before we left on our travels, I decided to buy us a flat at auction.

Go Nell.

SO. That has meant that we are currently bridging from Europe (did I mention we're on our honeymoon?!), and will hopefully have completed somewhere between Milan and Venice. The process will, obviously, have challenges, however we have no choice but to overcome them. Due to the popularity of my last blog, all about bridging (click here to read it), I've decided to do a video diary outlining this current process.

Please see part one below! I will follow with more video updates, probably a little more frequently than I usually post, just so you can follow along if you're interested!

So thanks for watching. In other news, the Englishman did indeed get his drink and it was the size of his head. Lots of frivolity and photos ensued (and that was just from our table).

Have a great day everyone!

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